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税收和商业战略代写 Taxes and Business Strategy代写

ACC418 S22 – Taxes and Business Strategy (Huels)  

INDIVIDUAL Report Assignment  

税收和商业战略代写 Assignment is worth up to 10 points total, including bonus points (and will constitute 5% of the term grade) Note: this is an individual

Assignment is worth up to 10 points total, including bonus points (and will constitute 5% of the term grade)

Note: 税收和商业战略代写

this is an individual assignment; although more than one student may end up choosing the same article (subject to the “Article requirements” below), it is preferred that each student select a unique article, but in any case the report must be prepared and submitted on an individual basis. IF TWO OR MORE STUDENTS HAPPEN TO USE THE SAME ARTICLE, THEY WILL BOTH BE SCRUTINIZED CLOSELY TO ENSURE THEY ARE UNIQUE WRITE‐UPS.

Articles appear frequently in the press that report on business situations, events, transactions, law changes, etc. that have potential tax implications (directly or indirectly) on business strategies.   


· Identify and evaluate a recent article in the business press that addresses tax implications on business strategies in the context of the ACC418 material.  

Assignment:   税收和商业战略代写


Over the course of the term, identify an article that has strategic tax aspects, implications, and/or consequences, and prepare a one‐two page summary report on the article.  See “Article requirements” below.  


Your report should at least address the following:  

i. What are the strategic tax aspects and/or implications in the article?  

ii. What are the taxes, costs and parties associated with the subject/content of the article?  

iii. Include a clear citation for your article (publisher, author, date, etc.); also, please attach a copy of the article if at all practical.  

iv. Include a brief paragraph discussing your key learning from the article.  

v. Submission should be in either Word or pdf format (pdf preferred).  

· Be sure to include your name somewhere on the report (yes, this actually needs to be said J…).


Although the size of the class will preclude class discussion on every article submission, some of the submitted articles will be selected for class discussion.  Accordingly, after submitting your report you should also at least be prepared to briefly summarize your article and report as a starting point for class discussion should your article be selected for class discussion.

4) 税收和商业战略代写

Article requirements:  

· Recent publication date (no older than January 1, 2022)  

· Must have strategic tax implications  

· Can be from any major publication/news source (Wall Street Journal; The Economist; AP; professional journals; etc.)  

· May deal with any tax‐related topic or subject touched on in the course, EXCEPT:  

o The article may NOT deal with Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (“BEPS”), which will be the subject of one of the team case assignments, and  

o The article may not be an article (or similar to another article dealing with essentially the same news) already discussed in class or otherwise on the Blackboard preclusion list at the professor’s discretion (a list of such precluded topics/articles will be updated on Blackboard after each class). [Note: due to this requirement, and the potential early submission bonus points mentioned below, you may want to consider completing this assignment earlier rather than later in the term…]   

o If in doubt, please do not hesitate to run proposed article by me first (you can send me an email inquiry with either a copy of the proposed article attached or a link to it).


The assignment value of 10 points (with bonus points) will be determined as follows:  


* Overall quality: a grade of 2 points will be awarded if a “best effort” attempt was made on the report and the report is not simply a summary/repeat of the original article.  Individual assignments that do not exhibit a “best effort” or are just a summary/repeat of the article (i.e., the report appears to be “thrown together” without much effort or thought…) will receive no points for this portion of the grade.  

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