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软件工程代写 Software Engineering代写 Midterm代写

COEN 174   Software Engineering

Midterm1 (50 pts)

软件工程代写 For each of the systems described in a) and b), select the most appropriate software process model from the list of process models given below;

Question 1 (14 pts)

Note: Please submit the document in word or pdf format.

For each of the systems described in a) and b), select the most appropriate software process model from the list of process models given below; based on the nature of the system described, give two reasons for your choice in each case and specify the characteristics of the problem that influenced your choice of the model. 软件工程代写

i. Waterfall Model

ii. V model

iii. Prototyping Model

iv. Incremental Model

v. Spiral Model

vi. Component-based Model

vii. Agile Methods

a)A video game that involves a lost puppy finding its way home through many architectural mazes. 

b) Software for a heart defibrillator.

c) Specify one non-functional requirement for the application in b)

Question 2 (5 pts) 软件工程代写

Software does not wear out but deteriorates”. Do you agree with this statement? Give your reasons.

Question 3 (5 pts)

Reuse means less work. What process model supports reuse? Can you use this process model to implement your project idea? Give your reasons.

Question 4 (5 pts) 软件工程代写

In an ATM, one can withdraw cash by entering the amount. There are several classes that you can identify in this system, namely, PINValidator (validates user PIN), Account (maintains balance, allows withdrawals and deposits), CashDispenser (dispenses cash), Logger (records the transaction details in the database) and WithdrawCashTransaction (validates PIN, checks account balance, dispenses cash and logs the transaction details).

Complete the CRC card for the class WithdrawCashTransaction.


Question 5 (5 pts)

User Story:  As an online customer, I want to be able to order food online and get it delivered to my home, so that I do not need to go to a restaurant physically.

Write two acceptance criteria for the above user story.

Question 6 (5) 软件工程代写

Complete the use case diagram given for the following scenario:

A person goes for lunch. In the course of that, she/he may withdraw cash from ATM.

Question 7 (5 pts) 软件工程代写

Complete the UML class diagram for the situation described below:

A student can take 0 or many courses. A course may have 1 or more students. For each course a student takes, a grade is generated.

Question 8 (6 pts) 软件工程代写

Using the diagram below, mark the statements true or false.

a) insertIDcard is an event

b) insertIDcard is an activity

c) ejectCigarettes is an activity

d) ejectCigarettes is an event

e) When insertMoney() occurs, only the do-activity is executed once again.

f) As soon as the customer has taken the cigarettes and change, the state Idle becomes active.


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