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软件分析代写 ISEN 1000代写 软件工程代写 软件系统代写

ISEN 1000 Trimester 2, 2022

软件分析代写 1. Overall Exercise Description In this assessment you will do a complete software requirement analysis and will submit detailed planning as

1. Overall Exercise Description

In this assessment you will do a complete software requirement analysis and will submit detailed planning as your assessment. Detailed description on each task and steps required to be performed in Section 3.

2. Exercise Problem Description (Question)

You are preforming a requirement analysis and planning work for software system (Name: SkyFly) used for airline reservation (e.g., Qantas Reservation System). The scope of the system includes overseeing all operation being performed for passenger reservations and seats management. You have been included in the team at a time where the requirements are still updating/changing from the client.

Flight reservation and seats management systems usually work having multiple passengers for different classes (economy/business) in a plane. The system usually incorporates passengers record (names, IDs and contacts/emails), travelling dates, travelling destination(s), planes arrival and departure time and scheduled dates, maximum seating capacity, important communication (e.g., booking confirmation/cancellation, amended bookings/expected delays), etc.


  • New flights, destinations and routes can be added to the current reservation system, each added plane will obviously have all related operation described above.
  • There can be multiple planes (by same/different airline) leaving/arriving at the same airport for same destination, but they should be managed in a way that system should consider them separately for all related operations (as described above).
  • The system should have a capability to assign/remove new flight to/from a destination if required for some specific cases (e.g., higher passenger density on a festival).
  • The systems should also be able to manage higher density of passenger in case of increased travelling to/from a destination.
  • The systems should have an updated schedule (24/7) for passengers to and management staff.
  • Passenger should be able check the updated flight schedule, seats availability for each scheduled flight booked (for a particular passenger).
  • The system should be able to deal with online/on-desk payments for booking, providing confirmation emails/receipts and tax invoice.
  • The systems should send reminder email(s) to each passenger travelling in next 12 hours, clearly providing, terminal and gate details, also provide instructions on special arrangements if any (e.g., No/limited food/drinks available on the terminal due to extra passenger density.)

***The following should be considered for solving this Question***

3.1 Requirements and Planning 软件分析代写

Your main task is to perform requirements analysis and project planning for the problem description below. The documents you must create (and submit) are as follows:

An overview of the requirements, including:

  • Actor identification, identify at least 5 actors (think about the different between stakeholder and actors, while listing actors)
  • At least 10 (in total) user stories that summaries the key functional requirements of the system.
  • At least 4 (in total) use cases, each corresponding to a particular user story. Pick the more complex user stories for this purpose. Show all parts of each use case including extensions.
  • One (in total) UML use case diagram, showing which actors are involved in each function of the system. This one diagram should incorporate all the features covered by the user stories, not just your 3 fully-written-out use cases.
  • At least 3 (in total) usability requirements, 3 performance requirements, and 3 reliability requirements. These must be specific to the system at hand.


The lower limits (described above) used this assessment will probably aren’t sufficient to completely describe the requirements of the complete system, neglect that at this stage. Just describe a representative subset of the system’s requirements.

A plan for the development of the system, including: 软件分析代写

  • A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) based on user stories. Each user story should represent a task, but they should each be broken down into a reasonable set of sub-tasks.
  • An AON or AOA graph incorporating duration estimates and dependencies.
  • Identification of the critical path and estimated overall project duration, by clearly mentioning the Early Start (ES), Late Start (LS), Early Finish (EF), Late Finish (LF), and Slack time. Use PERT Chart to estimate.


You are not expected to perform planning poker to derive the estimates, as this is not a group exercise. Just make some reasonable guesses on your own. Also consider the parallel tasks/activities in the WBS.

A plan for the use of version control throughout the project, by the development team; specifically:

  • What branches will the development team need, and what for?
  • When should they be created, and when should they be merged and pushed? (This is asking about time, measured in days or weeks after the start of the project, assuming everything goes smoothly. A simple hint is when you reach a milestone in the WBS, you may need branching and/or project staging)


This is about what will happen in the future, once all the requirements and planning work are done. The version control branching can be used when there are parallel components after milestone/stage in the WBS. Merging can be planned when multiple components connect on a milestone.

3.2 Version Control 软件分析代写

Based on the plan described in the above bullets, you need to describe the appropriate git commands, (as per your planned used of VCS) e.g., initiating local git repository (in the folder containing the plans).


You can paste the screenshots of the actual instructions used, for storing, editing, and/or committing the plan documents for the local repository. You can use the planning document(s) i.e., components of this assignment as Git repo component (as codes used in the tutorial) or you can add some dummy files for your demo.

4. What to submit

All planning related document e.g., a word file describing actors, user stories, AON/AOA graph, PERT Chat, UML diagrams, etc. Also submit your local git repositories along with all trackable commits and file.

5 Submission Guidelines 软件分析代写

The unit Moodle page will accept documents in .pdf, .odt, doc, .docx or .zip/.tar format. It is recommended to combine all files in a archive file and submit as one.

For the usecase diagrams and AOA/AON graph, include these as .pdf, .png or .jpg (if required or you can paste them in your actual word document or can submit in a zip file). you can use appropriate diagramming tool, e.g.,, Dia, Visio; or (for UML specifically) Umlet, PlantUML, etc. You must save/export your work to a .pdf, .png or .jpg file though.

Zip or tar your entire directory, being very careful to include the. git/ subdirectory (which contains all repository details, including all commits (if any)). Submit your .zip/.tar file to the “Exercise Submission 1” area on unit Moodle page.


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