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Secondary Source Integration

英语写作代写 Due Thursday by 2pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload This assignment has two phases: submission and peer review. The Secondary Source

Due Thursday by 2pm Points 100 Submitting a file upload

This assignment has two phases: submission and peer review.

The Secondary Source Integration asks you to revisit your work in the Primary Source Analysis and the Annotated Bibliography. You will extend or rethink your original analytical claims and integrate secondary evidence seamlessly and effectively into your own writing.

Your work should be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, typed in 12-point font, and set to 1” margins.

Submission Objectives: 英语写作代写

Incorporate the relevant secondary sources from Step 3: Annotated Bibliography, along with any feedback I have provided. Your work with these sources should help you revise and extend the work you completed in Step 2: Primary Source Analysis

Demonstrate the ability to comprehend the central arguments of these sources

Perform meaningful, thoughtful analysis of these secondary sources—in other words, enter into a conversation with the sources by making the sources speak rather than letting them speak for themselves

Assert and maintain your own critical voice rather than letting the secondary evidence speak for you

Develop an evolving thesis to orient your analysis and source integration

Integrate secondary sources into your analysis by paraphrasing and directly citing the writers’ language and ideas

Include in-text citations of each source and a Works Cited page

Getting Started: 英语写作代写

Extending Your PSA

Return to your Primary Source Analysis. Look over my comments and decide which parts of your PSA you plan to focus on in your final paper. This may require extending or deleting parts of your initial analysis.

Consider each secondary source’s main argument and how it relates to, supports, complicates, or differs from the argument you plan to make in your final paper.

The Secondary Source Integration should not simply be added onto the end of your Primary Source Analysis but rather woven in so that it responds to specific elements of your own analysis.

Choose sources that will allow you to engage in conversation, not just sources that agree with or support your main point.

Use the secondary evidence to extend and revise the analysis completed in your Primary Source Analysis. This step is an opportunity to add new sentences to existing paragraphs, to add new paragraphs, and, in general, to revise the existing Primary Source Analysis.

Developing Your SSI 英语写作代写

In order to complete the extension and revision of your previous work, consider the following steps:

Focus on your own analytical claims. Interaction with secondary sources should allow for your Research Questions to evolve and to take shape, enabling you to revise or extend claims made in the previous assignment.

Focus on analyzing and integrating the secondary evidence into the conversation.

Include at least one quotation from each source

Focus your evolving thesis around a compelling analytical claim while also accounting for all relevant evidence.

Put your sources in conversation with each other (i.e. talk about how your sources relate to one another)


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