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移动设备编程代写 COMP3040代写 Android studio代写

Assessment Coursework 1


移动设备编程代写 Description and Deliverable(s) This coursework mainly involves in initiating, designing and developing innovative and user-friendly mobile

Description and Deliverable(s)

This coursework mainly involves in initiating, designing and developing innovative and user-friendly mobile application ideas and design prototypes that can solve real world problems (which are especially related to the current issues) of Health and/or Mental Health and Well-Being during the post- pandemic era or endemic of COVID-19 nowadays.

Full details are provided in the coursework specification document as below.

The intended deliverables of this coursework are:

· A comprehensive write-up and description of the Problem Statements mentioned above, Realization of the proposed ideas, Innovative Ideas and Designs, Challenges and Key Concerns to tackle or overcome the current real-world problems (PDF file) 移动设备编程代写

· Screen shots of all the user interfaces involved (in terms of user activities and the like), components and involvement parts of the innovative and proposed ideas after all these have been designed using Android Studio (PDF file)

· Illustrations of all the Basic Functionalities, Entities, Components, Use Cases and Use Case Scenarios in designing your proposed ideas for building the mobile app (PDF file)

Submission is done by uploading your PDF files electronically via Moodle.

Release Date Friday 14-Oct-2022 (Week 6)

Submission Date Tuesday 8-Nov-2022 by 3pm (Week 10)

Late Policy (University of Nottingham default will apply, if blank) 移动设备编程代写

Work submitted after the deadline will be subject to a penalty of 5 marks (the standard 5% absolute) for each working day (out of the total 100 marks).

Late submission deadline is 15 November 2022. Submissions after this date will only be accepted through the extenuating circumstances process.

Feedback Mechanism and Date

Written individual feedback on this coursework will be done via Moodle. Feedback without marks will be returned tentatively by 22-November 2022 and marks tentatively to be returned on the 29-November 2022.Other mechanisms to return feedback could be voice recordings, annotations in

submitted work or etc. Please note that the expectation is to return feedback within 15 working days if possible. However, no expectation to return feedback during the examination period. Marks should not be returned during the examination period.

Details on the Coursework Specification 移动设备编程代写

There is NO WORD LIMIT for this coursework. Use your instinct in proposing your ideas but consume only necessary space for your proposed ideas and solutions. Tasks to be completed in this coursework are indicated as below:

1. Problem Statements and Motivation of your proposed ideas

A full description of the problem statements that are related to the current issues and how your proposed ideas in developing a mobile app. can help to solve and/or tackle these problems. Describe why you think this problem is important and should be tackled or solved through a mobile app. or mobile computing.

2. Components and Basic Functionalities

All the involved entities/components/objects/devices/machines in your proposed innovative ideas before you develop a mobile app. You need to draw them using any drawing or illustration software. Then, describe the functionalities of each entity involved while implementing your proposedPage 2 developed mobile app. Your proposed mobile app. must consist of at least few Activity, View and/or related components to support users’ activities.

3. User Interface (UI) 移动设备编程代写

Illustrative images of all the user interfaces involved. The screenshots of the user interfaces must be tally with the involved and associated parts when you have fully developed your mobile application. Your app. design concepts, ease-of-use or user-friendliness will be judged here. In addition, your drawing aesthetics do not count much here but how well you have covered all the important entities would matter much of the marks to be awarded in this section.

4. Use Cases and Use Case Scenarios

A full description of the use cases and use case scenarios that you can think of regarding your mobile app. upon full and prudent contemplation of whether you are able to design and implement them or not.

5. Key Concerns and Realization of the Challenges of your ideas

(i) Describe fully if you have to make any mobile app. assumption(s) in terms of the usage of your mobile app. If you do not make any mobile app. assumptions, describe why not.

(ii) A full description of the key concerns and challenges of your proposed opinions, ideas and designs for your mobile app. and this could be of any type.

(iii) Describe what kinds of resources would be required and how you could implement these ideas.

(iv) Describe fully why you think the proposed ideas are important in terms of motivating you to implement them.

Assessment Criteria 移动设备编程代写

The break down of marks (out of 30 marks in total) is shown as below:

1. Innovation, novelty and significance of your proposed solutions in targeting the problem statements raised (which are related to the current issues of Health and/or Mental Health and Well-Being) with your mobile application ideas and designs (8 marks)

2. All the Basic Functionalities and User Interfaces involved (6 marks)

3. Components, Activities, Use Cases and Use Case Scenarios (6 marks)

4. Level of Difficulties and Professional Deployment of the proposed mobile application designs and ideas (6 marks)

5. Key Concerns and Realization of the Challenges of the ideas and designs for the proposed mobile application (4 marks)

Important Notes 移动设备编程代写

Please do not hold back your innovation and intuitiveness just because you find it difficult to implement (or for any other reason). This is your chance to take a step towards contributing to the society by being innovative and try to be able to solve a real-world problem. You might take it further even after your studies.

The following suggested areas will be taken into account for each part of the assessment for each coursework as assigned (wherever applicable):

  • Innovation and intuitiveness
  • Impact and significance of the problem as well as your attempt to the solution
  • Demonstration of the knowledge of the area
  • Quality of the concept, including appropriateness and novelty
  • Quality of the technological design, including appropriate use of software design concepts, and appropriate good coding practice (abstraction, commenting, naming, and the like)Page 3
  • Quality of the realization, including how well it works and elaborations over and above the basic requirements
  • lncluding all of the above aspects, clarity of structure, quality of argument / evidence, and insight / novelty.

Plagiarism 移动设备编程代写

Use of third party assets (tutorials, images, example codes, libraries etc.) MUST be credited and referenced, and you MUST be able to demonstrate that they are available under a license that allows their reuse. Making significant use of tutorial code while referencing it is poor academic practice, and will result in a lower mark that reflects the significance of your own original contribution. Copying code from other students, from previous students, from any other source, or soliciting code from online sources and submitting it as your own is plagiarism and will be penalized as such. FAILURE TO ATTRIBUTE a source will result in a mark of zero – and can potentially result in failure of coursework, module, or degree. All submissions are checked using the plagiarism detection software and/or manually for signs of cheating.


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