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Mother (1920) by Vsevolod Pudovkin – Movie Review

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Mother (1920) by Vsevolod Pudovkin – Movie Review

电影评论课业代写 These days it has become easier to review, analyze, and critic a movie. Contemporary cinema has sound, visual effects,


These days it has become easier to review, analyze, and critic a movie. Contemporary cinema has sound, visual effects, and state of the art equipment that enable movie makers to convey their message just the way they want. However, a lot of hard work goes into making a movie, something that contemporary critics never appreciate. Making films is an art, which has evolved overtime. However, the classic masterpieces that were shot brilliantly at that time when directors had only a few equipment to make a video without any audio.

One must acknowledge the fact that audio has made it a bit easier for the audience to understand a movie. So, at times when there was no audio in a movie with limited audience to watch, there were some great directors who made full creative use of the available equipment to tell stories. One such movie will be reviewed in this paper i.e. Mother (1920) directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin.

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Unlike reviewing contemporary art pieces, Mother by Pudovkin is rather hard to review. To being with, it was a masterpiece. One of the earliest and strongest forms of visual art, Pudovkin’s Mother did not surrender its creativity to the technological restrictions of the then time and have proved itself relevant even to today’s audience. From the movie plot to the way it was shot, everything about this film is amazing. The director’s excellent use of camera work and unique utilization of montage technique had helped the director convey this bold message about social unrest to a wider audience. The camera angles Pudovkin used show that Mother is a great film that is beyond its time.

Since the movie is based on the novel written by Maxim Gorky who is also one of the script writers of the movie may make people perceive that this film was bound to become great. 电影评论课业代写

However, a novel-based movie or even a movie with great story line does not guarantee a successful cinematic experience and thus Pudovkin should be given his due credit for using the camera effectively and selecting front and frontal angles as well as montages on the need basis to give viewers an experience of a lifetime without breaking the flow of the movie. The film follows a journey of a mother from being politically naïve to becoming a revolutionary to save her son. In the end, the mother dies but a heroic death, a death for a cause which has been covered and conveyed brilliantly at the end using various camera angles and variety of shots in seconds.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call it an editing marvel of that time, because Pudovkin not only chose all the right angles but the way he connected them gives an amazing experience. The sobbing mother at the end or the proud revolutionary or the cruelty of the rulers, each emotion was covered in the matter of seconds. From shots being fired to falling bodies, as a viewer, one can understand the entire story of the movie, despite the fact that no actor has uttered a single word.

Certainly, the major challenge of such a long movie was to keep the audience engaged without any video. 电影评论课业代写

One wrong shot and audience could’ve lost interest. However, Pudovkin succeeded in creating multidimensional characters by overcoming the challenge of no audio. He ensured that emotions and acting of the people in the movie convey the message that due to audio limitation audience cannot hear. The director kept the role of the mother very interesting and presented her not only as a mother who loves her family but also as a person who can unify people for a cause and can bring change. To emphasize the pensiveness of actors in the movie, Pudovkin used side profile and took full frontal shots at the moment when they were deemed necessary. This reflects how great he was in using camera. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the timing of each shot was so perfect that it made the film an emotional roller coaster.


To begin reviewing the editing techniques, I would take help from the statement that Russians adored editing.

At the time, Russian directors did not have great cameras or equipment available to them so they resorted to make their movies better with editing. In fact, it is not wrong to say that Hollywood movies that we see today would be completely different had the Russians not given much focus on editing at such early stage. I would call Pudovkin work 50% shooting and 50% editing. As we have mentioned how brilliant the director was with the camera, now let’s discus that those perfect shots can never have turned into a masterpiece if it was not for the way it was edited. Perfect shots placed in the perfect places, this is all I have to say about the editing technique. The editing of the movie gave it a sequence and brought all the emotions together as and when needed to provide us an excellent cinematic experience.

What made the movie actually compelling is not the plot but the editing. 电影评论课业代写

As mentioned above, even the strongest plots do not guarantee cinematic success and to achieve it a director must perform his/her job in the best way possible. The montage effects used by Eisenstein were different than what Pudovkin had used; in fact Mother set a benchmark at that time for using montage effects. Though Pudovkin has died but his movie is still alive and entertaining people. He left behind a legacy, perhaps it’s the only legacy he has. Pudovkin through montage established relationship between actors’ context and exterior objects.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that Mother (1920) by Vsevolod Pudovkin is a great movie and is still a good watch for people who appreciate the finest art still available in this world. This movie is really enjoyable, especially its pacing, which I must warn you varied in tempo, but the movie never got off track and this fact makes it a must watch movie for all the movie art lovers. Other movies at that time used to have extremely fast tempo, but Pudovkin maintained a balance which is clearly visible in the results. The way Pudovkin used the montage technique was different and ahead of its time. To conclude the review, I can only say that several small pieces from acting, location, to editing and direction, all factors combined made Pudovkin’s mother one of the greatest movies of all times.


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