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BPLN0026 Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity in Decision Making

商业决策代写 PARTICIPATION – Alternative Assessment Please pick one of the following questions and write a 250 word forum post or mini essay.

PARTICIPATION – Alternative Assessment

Please pick one of the following questions and write a 250 word forum post or mini essay.

The submission should be written in an academic style, include full referencing and demonstrate consideration of the module reading list.


How would you define project success and project failure (please give an example of a successful infrastructure project and an infrastructure failure to illustrate)?


Outlining either a strength/opportunity or weakness/threat from adopting the risk management processes and tools outlined in the PMBOK to an infrastructure project.

3. 商业决策代写

Pick either one of the (6-10) characteristics of wicked problems (interconnectedness, conflict, etc.) or one of the 3 characteristics of complex adaptive systems (emergence & limited functional decomposition, distributed control, etc.) and discuss how these resonate with major infrastructure.


Pick either ‘project governance’, or ‘political decision making’, and discuss, where possible with examples from your home country, how one of these themes can have either positive or negative impacts on infrastructure development. Please also

comment on how these impacts could be encouraged, avoided or mitigated as appropriate.

5. 商业决策代写

Technology is inextricably linked to most infrastructure developments, given they are almost always unique technological projects. Some projects seek to adopt tried and tested technology as much as possible to mitigate technology risks, whilst other projects adopt new technology as a way to mitigate other risks outside the control of the project. Choosing a recent infrastructure project as an illustration, discuss the role technology has played as either a source or mitigator of risk for the project. 商业决策代写

6. Discuss what makes good or bad practice for stakeholder engagement and management during major infrastructure project development.

7. Please select a typical risk facing PPP projects and discuss how the risk should best shared. Please include examples of risk sharing structures and specific projects where appropriate.

8. Why is it important for the project team to have the required skills, experience and commitment appropriate to the stage of the infrastructure project under development, and what are the barriers to obtaining these facets?


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