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预算项目代写 COMM 210代写 会计管理代写 会计作业代写

Budget Project, COMM 210 Winter 2022

预算项目代写 Please follow the materials under “Project” and build a master budget on an Excel spreadsheet for requirement 1. Modify the master budget in another

Please follow the materials under “Project” and build a master budget on an Excel spreadsheet for requirement 1. Modify the master budget in another sheet for requirement 2. Prepare a 1-page report for requirement 3.

You must use an Excel spreadsheet to complete this assignment.1 Your completed assignment must be submitted online. You must upload your Excel spreadsheet and an electronic copy of your report on Canvas through the inks available on Canvas Modules.

1 visit to obtain Office 365 Apps for Windows and Mac OS. Office 365 for Android or iOS may not provide some features required for this project.

Required: 预算项目代写

1. Base Budget

Prepare a master budget for Lambda Inc. for the period covered by the annual contract (for the year and for each quarter). The following components must be included:

a. Beginning balance sheet (disaggregate asset accounts if possible)

b. Sales budget

c. Schedule of expected cash collection

d. Production budget

e. Direct materials purchases budget

f. Schedule of disbursements for materials

g. Direct labour budget

h. Overhead budget (be sure to show cash disbursements for variable and fixed overheads, in addition to applied variable and fixed overhead expenses).

i. Selling and administrative budget (be sure to show cash disbursements for selling and administrative expenses).

j. Cash budget Prepare the following for the year.

k. Cost of goods manufactured budget

l. Cost of goods sold budget

m. Pro forma income statement (using absorption costing)

n. Pro forma classified balance sheet 预算项目代写

You should complete the cash budget, the pro forma income statement, and the pro forma balance sheet by building Excel formulas to account for information flow between three statements. For example, provisions for income tax or tax expenses in the income statement depend on the taxable income, which depends on interest expenses determined in the cash budget. Completing cash budget and pro forma income statement first allows you to complete the pro forma balance sheet.

Please use the following structure for the income statement:


Less: COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)

Gross Profit

Less: Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses

Operating Income

Less: Interest Expenses

Income before Taxes

Less: Tax Expenses (Provision for income taxes)

Net Income

2. Alternative Budget

In a recent meeting, the buyer indicated a possibility of a large special order of 100,000 units of Z350 for $35 per unit. The special order is to be delivered in Q4 2022. Lambda Inc., considering fulfilling some of the special orders, estimates that the unused capacity for 500 units will be available in Q4 2022. Prepare a master budget under a scenario of accepting the special order.

3. Report 预算项目代写

1) Should Lambda Inc. accept the special order? Based on the estimated financial impact of the special order on the master budget, determine whether Lambda Inc. should accept the special order. Assume that the special order also follows a cash collection schedule identical to that of regular orders under the annual contract.

2) The buyer asks Lambda Inc. whether the special order price can go lower. The buyer wants to minimize the required capital for a massive sales and promotion campaign, which is essentially the material cost of Z350 to the buyer. The buyer proposes to share some of the excess profits from the event. The share for suppliers will be proportional to the cost-saving each supplier can provide to the buyer by participating in the special order.

Lambda Inc., considering the proposal, wants to gather accounting information to help

decision-making. Lambda Inc. wants to set a low price to increase the expected profit from the profit-sharing as long as the selling price is high enough to avoid a loss in the special order. What is the lowest possible price Lambda Inc. can set for the special order? Use the information available in the base and the alternative budgets.

Instructions for preparing Excel spreadsheets: 预算项目代写

1. Develop your entire master budget in one worksheet; i.e., present your beginning balance sheet first, then present your sales budget below it and the next budget below, etc. All information should be presented at the top of the workbook or next to each budget. The master budget following the alternative scenario should be in another worksheet.

2. When you have finalized the master budget for the base case scenario, start working on Requirement 2. First, copy the master budget onto a new worksheet (i.e., a new tab). Then make the necessary changes on the copied worksheet. If you have fully programmed the first worksheet, your changes will be immediately reflected on the master budget. Label the worksheet tabs and the title of the worksheet.

3. Part of your mark will depend on how well you link the parts of your spreadsheets.

4. You must upload an electronic copy of your budget file (.xlsx) and report (.docx or .pdf) on Canvas

5. Do not round any numerical values; Instead, use appropriate display formats via “Format Cells” or shortcuts for display formats to indicate unit of each quantity or to determine the number of decimal places displayed.

Report Instructions: 预算项目代写

Your report (i.e., Executive summary) should be one page (1-inch margins, 12 font size, single spacing, New Times Roman font). The report will be evaluated on content, writing, and presentation (grammar, spelling, wordiness, and persuasiveness).

Your report should include only the executive summary. Any identification information (e.g., title, author) should be on the header of the document.

The executive summary should reveal the problem, solution, and support for the solution. Presenting a context of the budget case without a solution or following support is not an executive summary.

Your budgets will be regarded as an appendix of the report. You must refer to the content of your own excel spreadsheet when you need to discuss it in the report.


Item 1. Annual Manufacturing Contract

Lambda Inc. is a contract manufacturer of consumer electronics. Lambda Inc. supplies a component (Z350) to its major buyer under an annual contract. As of the first quarter of 2022, the annual contract specifies the volume, selling price, and the timing of the delivery from April 2022 to March 2023. The scheduled delivery of Z350 in units for each quarter is the following:


The contracted selling price is $45.00 per unit. All sales are on account. Lambda Inc. expects to collect the cash payments in six months for each quarterly delivery of Z350.

Item 2. Direct Materials Requirements and Purchasing Policy

Each unit of Z350 requires two materials: a PCB module and 3 grams of TPU 95A. Lambda Inc. purchases the PCB for $12 per unit and TPU 95A for $0.2/gram.

Lambda Inc. purchases all raw materials on account. Lambda Inc. pays 60% of a quarter’s purchases in cash during the quarter of purchase and the rest in the next quarter.

Item 3. Inventory Stock and Policy

At the beginning of Q2 2022, Lambda expects to have 1,900 PCBs and 7,500 grams of TPU 95A in inventory. Assume constant material purchasing prices and inventory values for the purpose of budgeting.

The manufacturing process follows a short cycle of assembly completed within a day, and therefore there are no work in progress inventories.

Lambda Inc. has a policy of keeping a desired ending inventory of 12% of next quarter’s sales in finished goods inventory and a desired ending inventory of 10% of next quarter’s production needs for direct materials.

Lambda Inc. expects the contracted sales for Q2 and Q3 of the year 2023 would be identical to the previous year.

Item 4. Direct Labour 预算项目代写

The completion requires 0.5 hours of direct labour at a rate of $10 per hour.

Item 7. Income Tax Payment

Lambda Inc. usually makes income tax payments for the previous year’s taxable income in the second quarter every year. The company is subject to a 20% tax rate. However, the company already paid all income taxes for the previous year (2021) at the end of Q1 2022.6

Item 8. Cash Management and Debt Financing

The cash management goal is to keep the cash balance above $15,000 at the end of each quarter.

The company will utilize the line of credit at 2% of annual interest up to $500,000 to meet the cash balance target. Assume that the borrowing occurs at the end of the quarter. Interest payments occur at the end of the quarter.

Marking Rubric 预算项目代写

DescriptionPossible Marks
Follow Instructions: 1) using one sheet for the base case scenario and the other for the alternative scenario, 2) title and the author identification information in the header and the executive summary in the body of one page, and 3) Following other instructions on the submission process and deadline 1
Base Budget: 1) no redundant manual inputs of data, 2) consistency between the spreadsheet models and the written report, 3) numerical accuracy fully supported by calculations within an excel spreadsheet, 4) identifiable quarterly and annual line items and other components of each schedule, and 5) complete and accurate raw data from the case material 14
Alternative Budget and the Estimation of Cost Behaviour 1) numerical accuracy, 2) use of Excel formulas to estimate the cost behaviour, 3) Discussion of problem, solution, and the logical support of the solution, and 4) writing clarity and style 5) Consistency between the Excel spreadsheet and the report 15
Total Mark30

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