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面向对象编程代写 Otodecks代写 code代写 GUI代写

Object Oriented Programming Coursework for Endterm: Otodecks

面向对象编程代写 Introduction In this course, we have developed a basic DJ application called Otodecks. For the end of term assessment, you are tasked with 


In this course, we have developed a basic DJ application called Otodecks. For the end of term assessment, you are tasked with developing the application further by adding a custom deck control Component and a music library Component, then integrating them into a new GUI layout of your own design. The custom deck control Component should have custom graphics, implemented in the paint function and it should offer a means to control a deck in some interesting way of your own design. The music library component should allow the user to manage a library of music within the application. They should be able to search the music library and load music from it into the decks. It should also persist between application loads, so it will need to store its state in a data file.

Requirements 面向对象编程代写

We will assess your work based on the following requirements and criteria:

  • R1: The application should contain all the basic functionality shown in class:

◦ R1A: can load audio files into audio players

◦ R1B: can play two or more tracks

◦ R1C: can mix the tracks by varying each of their volumes

◦ R1D: can speed up and slow down the tracks

  • R2: Implementation of a custom deck control Component with custom graphics which allows the user to control deck playback in some way that is more advanced than stop/ start.

◦ R2A: Component has custom graphics implemented in a paint function

◦ R2B: Component enables the user to control the playback of a deck somehow  


  • R3: Implementation of a music library component which allows the user to manage their music library

◦ R3A: Component allows the user to add files to their library

◦ R3B: Component parses and displays meta data such as filename and song length

◦ R3C: Component allows the user to search for files

◦ R3D: Component allows the user to load files from the library into a deck

◦ R3E: The music library persists so that it is restored when the user exits then restarts the application  

  • R4: Implementation of a complete custom GUI

◦ R4A: GUI layout is significantly different from the basic DeckGUI shown in class, with extra controls◦

◦ R4B: GUI layout includes the custom Component from R2

◦ R4C: GUI layout includes the music library component fro R3

Code style and technique 面向对象编程代写

Your code should be written according to the following style and technique guidelines:

C1: Code is organised into header (.h or .hpp) files and implementation files (.cpp). Header files contain class interface definitions, cpp files contain implementations of class function memenbers. ·

C2: Class interfaces in header files have comments for each public function describing purpose, inputs and outputs ·

C3: Code is laid out clearly with consistent indenting ·

C4: Code is organised into functions with clear inputs and outputs and a clear, limited purpose

C5: Code is stateless wherever possible – functions make use of data passing in preference to global or class scope data.

C6: Functions, classes and variables have meaningful names, with a consistent naming style

C7: Functions do not change the state of class or global scope variables unless that is the explicit purpose of a function (e.g. a setter)

Documentation 面向对象编程代写

You should write a report and submit your source code. The submission should contain the following items and information:

D1: Source code in standard ZIP format

D2: Report in PDF format

D3: Requirements: for each sub requirement (R1A → R4C) state how this was achieved or if it was not achieved. Explain where it can be found in the code. Use focused, short code extracts if they make your explanation clearer. Use annotated screenshots to describe your GUI components ·

D4: Video tutorial: please upload a short video tutorial (5 minutes long) aimed at budding DJs who might want to use your software. Show how the user can load files into the players, how they can use the playback controls and any other features such as the music library and your custom deck control.


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