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Modern Political Theory-Critically evaluate the extent to which Hobbes is an enlightenment thinker

现代政治理论代写 Critically evaluate the extent to which Hobbes is an enlightenment thinker. (3000 words) In your essay you’ll want to demonstrate that you

Critically evaluate the extent to which Hobbes is an enlightenment thinker. (3000 words) 现代政治理论代写

In your essay you’ll want to demonstrate that you understand the theorist(s) which you explore, and that you have engaged with the scholarship (academic debates) that are connected to the questions that you choose.

As with all written work, your essay will need a strong structure, (introduction, argument, conclusion) underpinned by a strong central claim. Introduce your central claim in the introduction, provide a little context for it, and set out the steps that you are going to take to in your argument to build your central claim. Then signpost the reader to show how you build your case.

Your conclusion ties all of these threads together and tells the reader what you have argued.

If your writing style is one where you figure out your central argument over the course of writing the essay, then by the time that you have worked out your central argument. Go back to the beginning and add in the structural elements to make sure that the reader knows what you are doing right the way through the piece. Essay writing is not about the ‘big reveal’ at the end! 现代政治理论代写

We will want to see that you have developed your own solid understanding of the material on the basis of your own close reading and interpretation of the main texts. We will also want to see that you have an awareness of scholarly debates around this same topic. The very best essays will understand what theoretical positions differing scholars are coming from, be able to synthesise these positions, and will be then able to make a set of convincing claims about which positions are more beneficial to your own argument and why they should be included.

Finally, be aware of direct quotations! You might find that a few, well selected quotes from the primary thinker are helpful. But as a general rule of thumb, it is infinitely better to paraphrase your source, rather than to quote it word for word.

In the very worst cases, you’ll have a direct quote in every paragraph, which really is too much.

Below, you will find a helpful explanation of some of the specific things we look for in politics assignments. 现代政治理论代写

Knowledge and understanding of the subject:

This refers to the specific empirical evidence, theoretical terminology, and conceptual definitions relevant to the subject at hand. We will assess not only your knowledge of such material but your ability to translate that knowledge into other kinds of statements, to interpret it and, when appropriate, to extrapolate from it. You must be able to demonstrate that you grasp the theoretical issues raised by knowledge/evidence at hand; most people can repeat what they have read elsewhere – we look for more.

Cognitive and Intellectual Skills: 现代政治理论代写

This refers to the analysis you present i.e. how knowledge is used and how you construct a particular argument with a discernible, coherent, systematic thread. It also refers to evaluation, i.e. the degree to which the material presented is used to draw thoughtful, reflective conclusions. Remember that through the presentation of appropriate knowledge and reasoning. You should be developing a critical argument, which supports a defensible conclusion.

Use of Research-Informed Literature:

This refers to how well-researched an essay is, i.e. not only how many sources you have consulted but your ability to organize material and reconstruct academic debates and competing positions within a particular field of research. To begin with, you will be provided with a lot of guidance about what the relevant literature is. (e.g. in a module reading list) As you progress, you will be expected to identify this literature for yourself (for instance, when researching your dissertation).


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