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我们的未来气候代写 CAT 3A代写 未来设想代写 paper代写

CAT 3A: Our Future Climate

Envisioning Our Collective Future

Final Project: Envisioning 2051

我们的未来气候代写 Description Nearly 30 years ago, I was an undergraduate at UCSD, and climate change was growing in public awareness, as was climate change denial.


Nearly 30 years ago, I was an undergraduate at UCSD, and climate change was growing in public awareness, as was climate change denial. At that time, evidence of human-induced  changes in sea level, air temperature, and other metrics were present but their significance  uncertain; today the evidence of human-induced climate change is overwhelming. Then, CO2 

was 350 ppm in the atmosphere; today it is over 400 ppm. Then, climate change impacts were thought to be long in the future; today, they are imminent, if not already present. 我们的未来气候代写

What will the next 30 years bring? In this project, you will envision your future world through a creative, personal narrative from the perspective of your future self. Specifically, you will imagine what your world 30 years in the future will be under one of the four assigned Representation Concentration Pathways (RCPs) laid out in the IPCC 2014 AR5 Summary Report: RCP2.6, RCP4.5, RCP6.0, and RCP8.5. This constrains the physical environment of your future world, but what is the social, political, and economic environment? How did we manage to get onto one of these RCPs? And how is the world responding in 2051 in one of these situations? 我们的未来气候代写

This project is a collaborative group project of 2-3 students. Each of you is a character in your future world, and each of you should imagine different outcomes for your life in this future world. The project will integrate multi-media components, which may include future interviews, diaries, news articles, blog posts, websites, photographic compilation, classical art forms, a sequence of short (<3-5 min) or one long (10-15min) audio or video piece, animations, etc. Ideally, your project should incorporate multiple media components, perhaps distinguished by your individual characters. You projects should be anchored in at least six (8) external sources, including at least two (2) primary peer-reviewed sources. You will submit an annotated bibliography for your sources, a collaborative write-up describing your overall process and design of your world, and an individual description of your own character’s history and motivations, and your own process.

Project Components 我们的未来气候代写


• Your group will put together a proposal that includes (1) your project plan, (2) a breakdown in work tasks, and (3) a commitment by each member to complete the work (group contract). This should be no more than 300 words in length (:::: 1 page).

• Your group will also “pitch” your project design to your section during week 6, and use the peer feedback to revise your project

Annotated Bibliography

• This is a summary of your eight (8) primary sources (see below)

Write-up (collaborative) 我们的未来气候代写

• A collective document that describes the design choices for your project

• Describe the assumptions and motivations made in describing the physical, social, and political environment of your world, based on your assigned RCP scenario

• Motivate your choice for presenting an “optimistic” vs “pessimistic” view of the present circumstances

• Describe any other considerations that motivate the context and design of your project, as well as choice of media and production details

• All of these elements should be anchored in at least eight (8) external resources, including at least two (2) primary (peer-reviewed) sources

• Length: 1000-1500 words (4-6 pages, double spaced, 12-pt font)

• Include cited references using MLA citation format on a separate Bibliography page

Reflection (individual) 我们的未来气候代写

• Each group member will submit a short document focused on their specific design choices and contributions to the project

• Give a biographical description of your own character, including personal history prior to 2051

• In addition, reflect on the following questions:

o For the Draft version:

o What you wanted to accomplish in the draft

o What you believe you’d done well

o What you believe needs work, and

• Any questions you have for your readers

o For the Final version:

■ What did you change and why do those changes improve your argument?

■ What concerns do you still have about this final version?

• Length: 500-750 words (2-3 pages, double spaced, 12-pt font)

• Include cited references using MLA citation format on a separate Bibliography page

Peer Review & Presentation 我们的未来气候代写

• During Sections in Week 9, you will present your draft to your section, and provide feedback on other students’ work

Project materials

• Digital versions of your project materials should be uploaded to a shared CAT3 Project folder. These materials must be original in design and creation.

Project timeline

• Group formation & RCP assignment: During Week 5 Section

• Proposal (5%): Due Sunday May 2 (preceding Week 6)

• Pitch: During Week 6 Section

• Annotated Bibliography (10%): Due Sunday May 9 (preceding Week 7)

• Draft+ Draft Reflection (10%): Due Sunday May 23 (preceding Week 9)

• Peer Review (5%): During Section of Week 9

• Final + Final Reflection (10%): Due Tuesday June 8 (“Final” for course)

• Final Project Materials (10%): Due Tuesday June 8 (“Final” for course)

Details on Writing Elements 我们的未来气候代写

Project Proposal


Annotated Bibliography


Project Papers

Your project papers should adhere to the following conventions

• Document formatting

o Double-spaced

o 12-pt font

o Left justification

o 1″ margins on all sides

• Document heading

o Left side:

■ Name of assignment

■ Date of submission

o Right side

■ Last name(s)

■ Section number and TA last name

• First page should include at top (centered, 14- or 16-pt text):

o Title

o Name(s) of the author(s)

o Section number and TA last name

• Word Count should be included at the end of the document

• Citations and Bibliography

o Use MLA format for citations in document and bibliography

o Include a separate page(s) titled Bibliography listing the full MLA citations


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