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城市计划代写 PPD 634代写 Term Paper代写 城市计划论文代写

PPD 634

Term Paper Assignment – Masters Students

城市计划代写 Related learning objectives:  Objective 5, Understand the nature of selected specific transportation problems, such as energy, environmental impacts,

Related learning objectives:  

Objective 5, Understand the nature of selected specific transportation problems, such as energy, environmental impacts, or social equity, and potential solutions.; Objective 6, Effectively use empirical evidence to analyze transportation problems in the context of travel behavior, urban form, and public policy.

Over the course of the semester we discuss many transportation planning issues, but do not have the time to do a “deep dive” into any single topic.  The term paper gives you the opportunity to study a transportation planning question in depth.  You will select one of the topics below for your term paper.  The term paper will be a 10-12 page essay that covers the points described under each of the topics.  

Assignment 城市计划代写

1.Select your term paper topic from the following list:

a. Transit fare policy and free transit:  

Despite extensive investment in our public transportation system, the market for transit continues to decline.  Transit systems throughout the US lost half or more of their passengers during the COVID 19 pandemic One strategy to increase transit market share is free fare policy.  This topic will discuss motivations for free transit, consider benefits and costs, evaluate outcomes of existing free fare systems, including the temporary free fares offered during the pandemic, and make recommendations regarding its effectiveness as a policy strategy.

b. Ridehailing, the good and the bad:  

Ridehailing services have provided a lower cost mode for personalized transportation, but also has generated many challenges. This topic would describe the emergence of ridehailing, explain its rapid growth, discuss positive and negative impacts, and discuss policy recommendations for managing these services.

c. Electric vehicle policy:   城市计划代写

California offers an array of incentives to promote the sales and use of electric passenger vehicles.  The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act includes additional incentives. This topic would review the history of EV policy in California, describe current EV incentives and their impacts, discuss the distributional and social justice aspects of EV incentives, and make recommendations for future EV policy.

d. Mobility of disadvantaged populations:  

Public transit is often advocated as basic mobility for those who do not have access to a private vehicle.  This topic would examine mobility and accessibility by transit compared to the private vehicle, describe differences in accessibility provided and service quality, discuss strategies for improving transit accessibility, and make recommendations for increasing mobility for those without access to a private vehicle.

e. Diesel trucks and environmental justice:   城市计划代写

Particulates are the most damaging air toxic for human health, and diesel trucks are a major source of particulate emissions.  This topic would describe the contribution of diesel trucks to particulate emissions as well as the health impacts of these emissions; describe the geography of particulate exposure, explain why emissions are an environmental justice problem, evaluate the effectiveness of solutions employed to reduce emissions, and make recommendations for further reducing particulate emissions.

2.The general form of your paper should be as follows:

a. Introduction:  Provide general overview of the topic, why it is important, and what you will present in your paper

b. History or background:  How did this topic emerge and what is the current status; what is the problem to be solved?

c. Analysis: Analyze and evaluate the topic based on the topic descriptions provided; present your findings.

d. Conclusions and policy recommendations:  Summarize your analysis and findings and use them as basis for presenting policy recommendations

Term Paper Deliverables: 城市计划代写

Due 9/19/22: Paper Abstract:  A title and ½ page description of your term paper topic. The purpose of the abstract is get you started on the term paper early in the semester.  The abstract requires you to choose your topic and helps you to formulate your research approach and establish a framework for the paper.  Submit the abstract via BB.

Due 10/31/22: Short Rough Draft:  (5%) Write a short draft of your paper (3-5 pages) that summarizes your findings to date.  Attach a bibliography to the draft that lists the papers and other materials you have collected. The purpose of the short draft is to encourage you to make progress on your paper, and to allow me to review and make sure you are on track with the assignment.  Submit the short draft via Turnitin on Blackboard

Due 12/10/21: Final paper submitted via Turnitin on Blackboard by 2 PM

Paper Guidelines: 城市计划代写

  • The paper should be 10-12 pages in length (up to 6000 words) not including references or cover page.  Format requirements: at least 11 pt font, 1 inch margins. The papers will come to me as pdf files and I will grade within BB.  The font has to be big enough for me to read without zooming in on the page.
  • Use tables and figures as needed, but DO NOT copy any table or figure/graphic directly from any source.  Use data/information (with proper acknowledgement) and create your own tables or figures.
  • Add a cover page with paper title, author name, date, and class
  • You may use any widely accepted system of references, but you must adhere to traditional US academic policies of referencing. This means referencing a specific source for every idea, concept, number, or other form of information. If you use text, table or figure directly from another source, you must include page number in your reference.  Paraphrasing (writing text that is only slightly difference from the original source) is not acceptable.  If you have any questions on proper referencing, please see me. Any paper that does not include referencing will receive a failing grade.
  • Please be advised that the Price School has a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism.  See the USC Student Conduct Code in SCampus for academic integrity guidelines.  Price follows the USC Academic Dishonesty Sanction Guidelines.


The term paper constitutes 35% of your final grade.  Approved abstract counts 5% (of the 35%) towards the grade. Approved short draft and bibliography accounts for 5%. The final term paper accounts for 25% and will be graded on the basis of 100 points.  Term paper will be graded based on 1) completeness of your history and background information, 2) appropriate use of data and information gathered, including quality of data and information sources 3) strength of your assessment/analysis/evaluation, including persuasiveness of evidence based arguments; 4) quality and relevance of policy recommendations; 5) organization, including paper structure, flow, transitions and coherence 6) appropriate and innovative use of visuals; 7) grammar and formatting; 8) proper referencing.  


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