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ADM 2302


商业分析考试代写 QUESTION 1: (20 points) Electronics Play Group (EPG) of Packenham, Ontario is considering how to distribute a new portable MP3 player they

QUESTION 1: (20 points)

Electronics Play Group (EPG) of Packenham, Ontario is considering how to distribute a new portable MP3 player they manufacture of which a first production run of 5,000 units is now in progress in time for the Christmas season. EPG expects to sell all 5,000 units. A strategy for distributing the new MP3 player involves deciding how many units to distribute among different markets. These markets include: (1) retail technology distributors (e.g., Future Shop, Best Buy, The Source); (2) retail business equipment distributors (e.g., Business Depot/Staples); (3) retail commercial big box outlets (e.g., Wal-Mart); and (4) direct on-line Internet purchases (e.g., eBay).

Profits from the product will vary according to the distribution market because of differing costs of distribution. As well, advertising costs and personnel sales requirements by market also differ as per the table below. The advertising budget is limited to $50,000 and a maximum sales force time of 4,600 hours is available.

Distribution ChannelProfit per UnitAdvertising Cost per UnitSales Effort per Unit
1. Technology (T)$75$142.5 hours
2. Business (B)$63$93.75 hours
3. Commercial (C)$50$103.80 hours
4. Internet (I)$44$70.50 hour

A contract with Wal-Mart requires that at least 40 dozen (480 units) new MP3 players be distributed there. The company wants to establish a distribution strategy to maximize total expected profits from the distribution of the new MP3 player.

The correct linear programing formulation for EPG’s market distribution problem is given below: 商业分析考试代写

Let T, B, C, and I denote the number of units of the new MP3 player to distribute to Technology, Business, Commercial, and Internet markets respectively.

MAX 75T + 63B + 50C + 44I Profits ($)

Subject to

1. Advertising Budget:   14T +      9B +  10C +    7I  ≤ $50,000  

2. Sales Effort Limit: 2.5T + 3.75B + 3.8C + 0.5I  ≤ 4,600 hrs    

3. Production Limit:       T +       B +      C +      I  = 5,000 units

4. Commercial Contract:      C  ≥ 480 units

5. Non-negativity:              T, B, C, I  all ≥ 0

Consider the following problems (a) and (b) below. Modify the formulation above to include the changes implied by the problems. The problems (a) and (b) are to be considered independently. Note: you need only write the changes to the original formulation – not the entire formulation – in the spaces below.


Consider the opportunity to purchase more hours for the sales effort. There are up to 900 additional hours available at a cost of $14.50 per hour. Write down the revised formulation to account for this change. (4 points)

(b)  EPG wants to ensure that their distribution of the MP3 product in the technology retail stores (T) is at least 75% of total distribution in all the retail stores (T+B+C). Write down the revised formulation to account for this change. (3 points)

The following correct output for this problem above in its original form is provided below as Excel Solver output. You will need this output to answer the following questions (c) through (f) below each part of which is to be considered independently of all others.


(c) From the optimal solution, what are the sales effort allocations to each of the distribution channels? (3 points)

d) What would need to happen to the Business distribution option unit profits before it would be optimal to acquire an advertising and sales force allocation of its own? (3 points)

(e) Given the highly competitive markets for MP3 players in 2005, EPG was considering committing more financial resources to support the advertising costs for this project. After some discussion, the Board of Directors approved another $12,000 for this project. What will be the impact on the new optimal profit of these new operating funds for advertising? (3 points)

(f) Given a high volume of sales in early December, Wal-Mart has sent a memo to EPG requesting that the current contract be renegotiated so that the 480 units be increased by 144 more units. Determine the impact on EPG’s total optimal profit if the new terms of the contract go into effect. (4 points)

QUESTION 2: (15 points) 商业分析考试代写

The Research and Development Department of DWR Ltd has developed new game consoles: zbox and ybox. Production of these consoles requires setting up computerized and fully automated production lines that would cost $25,000 for zbox and $32,000 for ybox. Once the initial costs are covered, each console generates hefty profits: $150/unit for zbox and $210/unit for ybox.

In its current production facilities in Kanata, DWR Ltd has space for creating three production lines capable of manufacturing the consoles and each line can be used to manufacture both consoles (if necessary) at the same time. However, management has decided that in order to mitigate the risks, only one production line would be open.

Console zbox can be produced at the rate of 15 units/hr on line 1, 18 units/hr on line 2, and 22 units/hr on line 3. The ybox can be produced at the rate of 20 units/hr, 17 units/hr, and 10 units/hr respectively. Line 1 has 340 hours production capacity, line 2 has 400 hours capacity, and line 3 has 380 hours capacity.

Write in the space below the algebraic formulation for the above mixed binary integer programming problem. DO NOT SOLVE.

Question 3: (20 points) 商业分析考试代写

The Hardgrave Machine Company produces computer components at its plants in Kingston, ON and Prince George, BC. The tables below present the production costs and capacities for: (i) each of the two plants and (ii) demand at each of the two warehouses.

WarehouseMonthly Demand (Units)
Production PlantMonthly SupplyProduction Cost  per Unit ($)
Prince George21,000$52

Transportation cost per unit from each plant to each warehouse are summarized in the following table:

KingstonPrince George$30$45$40$66

Additional condition is a contract to ship at least 10,000 computer components from Prince George to Regina.

a. Formulate algebraically the linear programming model for this problem to minimize total cost of shipping and production. Define the decision variables, objective function, and constraints. DO NOT SOLVE. (11 points).

b. Use Excel’s Solver to determine the optimal shipping plan that will minimize total shipping and production cost (Provide the corresponding “Excel Spreadsheet” and the “Answer Report”). Include “managerial statements” that communicate the results of the analyses, (i.e. describe verbally the results). (9 points).

 QUESTION 4: (23 points) 商业分析考试代写

T. Bone Puckett, a corporate raider, has acquired a textile company and is contemplating the future of one of its major plants located in Ontario.  Three alternative decisions are being considered: (1) expand the plant and produce lightweight, durable materials for possible sales to the military, a market with little foreign competition; (2) maintain the status quo at the plant, continuing production of textile goods that are subject to heavy foreign competition; or (3) sell the plant now for a net profit of $500,000.

If one of the first two alternatives is chosen, the plant will still be sold at the end of a year.  The amount of net profit that could be earned by selling the plant in a year depends on foreign market conditions, including the status of a trade embargo bill in Parliament.  If the future political and foreign competitive situations are good, the net profit of the first and second alternatives will be $800,000 and $1,300,000 respectively. In case of poor foreign competitive conditions, the net profit will be $500,000 for the first alternative, and a net loss of $150,000 (or negative profits, ($150,000)) for the second alternative.  

a)    商业分析考试代写

Develop the decision (payoff) table for this problem. If T. Bone Puckett wants to be conservative in his decision, what should he do? Justify. (3 points)

b)   Assume it is now possible to estimate a probability of 0.3 that poor foreign competitive conditions will exist. Construct the decision tree for this problem.  What should T. Bone Buckett do? Justify. (4 points)

c)   What is the expected value of perfect information (EVPI)? (4 points)

d)   T. Bone Puckett is considering hiring a consulting firm at a cost of $10,000 to predict future political and market situations.  There is 0.55 probability that the consulting firm will predict good conditions, but even if it predicts good conditions, there is a 10% chance that its prediction is wrong. If the consulting firm predicts poor conditions, there is still a 40% chance that good conditions can occur. Determine the decision strategy that T. Bone should follow and the expected payoff of this strategy. (10 points)

e)   What is the maximum amount T. Bone Puckett should pay the consulting firm for the report results on future political and market situations? (2 points)

QUESTION 5: (22 points) 商业分析考试代写

Klone Computers is a small manufacturer of personal computers which is about to design and manufacture the Klonepalm 2005 palmbook computer.  The company faces two major tasks in introducing the new computer: (1) manufacturing the new computer; (2) training staff and vendor representatives to operate the new computer.

The entire project can be represented by 8 activities – five manufacturing (A, B, C, D, E), and three training (F, G, H). These activities are provided in the table below with the corresponding precedence relations.

ActivityDescriptionImmediate Predecessors
APrototype model design
BPurchase of materialsA
CManufacture of prototype modelsB
DRevision of designG
EInitial productions runD
FStaff trainingA
GStaff input on prototype modelsC, F
HSales trainingD

The Table below details the three time estimates for the completion of the activities (in days)

ActivityOptimistic Time (o)Most Likely Time (m)Pessimistic Time (p)Expected TimeVariance
E182124 1.00


Complete the table above, draw the project diagram of the Klonepalm 2005 Model, and compute ES, EF, LS, LF and Slack for each activity. (10 points).

(b)  What are the critical path, the expected project length and its standard deviation?

(c)  (4 points)

Critical path: _______________________

Expected Project duration: ________________________

Project Standard deviation: _____________________________

(d)  What is the probability of completing the project in 170 days? (3 points)

(e)  What time should Klone Computers report such that they are 99% sure that the project will be complete by that time? (3 points)

(f)  The company is considering reducing the length of the project by one day. To do so, they have the option of either expediting the purchase of materials (B) at an additional cost of $500 or hiring another designer to assist in the Revision of Design activity (D) at an additional cost of $1,000. Recommend to the company which option they might use to crash this project by one period. (2 points)


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