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决策分析作业代写 BMAN 73272代写 Decision Behaviour代写

BMAN 73272

Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support

Individual project

决策分析作业代写 The main aim of this project is to model and analyse a decision problem or decision opportunity using multi-attribute (value) analysis.

The main aim of this project is to model and analyse a decision problem or decision opportunity using multi-attribute (value) analysis. It may be a personal problem (e.g. choosing a job, an MSc programme, a city to live) or a busines problem (e.g. a competitor analysis of MBA Programmes). You will collect data, develop a decision model using decision analytic software, interpret the results and reflect on the process.

Task 决策分析作业代写

To do this you must conduct a full decision analysis, including the following:

1. Formulation of your decision problem

a. Frame the problem. Explain the purpose, perspective and scope of the decision problem.

b. Discuss and identify main issues, explore values and attributes to represent the issues and establish any constraints. You can use some problem formulation tools discussed in the class. Conduct a stakeholder analysis and present a stakeholder analysis plot. Draw you attribute tree. You should present at least 4 or 5 criteria.

c. Identify a range of alternatives. You need to investigate a representative set of alternatives and then collect data such as fees and other details. Discus the screening process that you followed in order to identify alternatives worthy of further evaluation.

2. Evaluation of decision alternatives 决策分析作业代写

a. Analyse the problem by building a decision model using software such as IDS or V.I.S.A.

b. Produce a data file to present the scores and ratings of your alternatives and outline your data sources.

c. Present your ranked list of alternatives and/or top options.

d. Conduct a sensitivity analysis.

3. Appraisal of decision analysis results

a. Interpret the decision analysis results and present the top option(s). Explain your conclusions. Discuss your findings and insights.

b. Reflect on the decision analysis process.

Deliverables 决策分析作业代写

Report. Discuss the formulation, evaluation and appraisal stages of your decision analysis.

Data file. Include all your decision tables (with data sources).

Decision model. Your IDS or V.I.S.A. file.

Marking Criteria

  • Introduction and interpretation of the decision analysis problem
  • Analysis and arguments
  • Recommendation, insight, innovation and originality
  • Use of sources


  1. The individual project accounts for 100% of the overall mark.
  2. The work (report, data file and IDS/VISA file) must be submitted via Blackboard
  3. The length of the report is up to 2,000 words (excluding references and appendices)
  4. The deadline for submitting the files via Blackboard: Wednesday 12th May 3pm


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