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道德与伦理代写 信息技术代写 Morals & Ethics代写

Morals & Ethics

Information Technology

道德与伦理代写 Discussion Case 1 Ethics concerns the concepts of right and wrong conduct. It investigates the questions “What is the best way for people to live?”

Discussion Case 1 道德与伦理代写

Ethics concerns the concepts of right and wrong conduct. It investigates the questions “What is the best way for people to live?” and “What actions are right or wrong in particular circumstances?” In practice, ethics seeks to resolve questions of human morality, by defining concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime (Source: Although ethics is a long-lasting subject that has been developing for thousands of years, it still debatable on some aspects and leaves some issues unsolved (for instance, social dilemmas). The adoption and diffusion of information technologies not only influence our lives and social structures, but also challenge us on both classical and new ethic issues.

You are required to select and discuss a computer ethics issue that concerns you. You may feel it important and want people to pay attention to it. Please provide a short discussion, which should be limited within 500 words. You should post your discussion in this discussion board. Please read other student’s discussion and rate up to 10 posts that you like.

You can find further reading resources below.

Book chapter <Introduction: Why Computer Ethics?>

Book chapter <What is Computer Ethics?>

Dr. James Moor’s Essay <What is Computer Ethics?>

Discussion Case 2 道德与伦理代写

For years now, I have been bothered by the speed at which information technology (IT) has been advancing and in the way it is becoming more integrated in all aspects of our day to day lives. Undoubtedly, information technology seems to be perceived by most as a great blessing especially for the young generation. We are living in an IT revolution era. From a business and workplace perspective, we can see the use of computers and IT taking over each and every field. IT has evolved to change the world with such a dramatic effect on our lifestyle and society making me feel its power of dominance and the pressure of its clutches which I cannot seem to be able to escape or even take a break from. Today, more that 2 billion people use the internet worldwide and 53% of US mobile phone are smartphones. Over 19% of Americans own a personal tablet. However, the IT usage is not equally distributed around the world.

The internet simply means that communication and communication channels are made much easier and more accessible, especially to younger generations. With the internet, they can connect with long-distance family and friends, access more knowledge and information easier, collaborate on homework, and do research on subjects of their interest. However, these easy-to-access people and information are dubious and may potentially have adverse effects and consequences, such as inaccurate information and privacy violation. Also access to unacceptable businesses and websites such as gambling is also part of the easy-to-access benefits. Moreover, long duration of sitting in front of a computer may also have negative physical health effects.


Think of an area or business where computers and IT are not being used!

Education, manufacturing, banking, defense, military, teaching, learning, research, healthcare, accounting, entertainment, telecommunication, media, aviation, marketing, and space research and exploration. Our modern world as we perceive it today will look void without computers and IT. Computers have created such a dependency for efficient data storing, handling and management. It seems that computers and IT have our lives much more organized, systematic, simple, colorful, and efficient.

In the text above, there are many opportunities to agree and disagree. Please discuss IT and You by at least addressing the following instructions below. You may discuss more issues but at a minimum include in your discussion your thoughts as they relate to the issues/questions identified:

1.    Do a search on the internet and find the following:

1.    Three or more internet or computer usage facts (could be anything, good or bad, and from anywhere in the world)

2.    Identify and include (copy and paste) the links of 5 or more sources that discuss the present state of IT, advances in IT, and the future of IT.

2.    What are your feelings/thoughts about the extensive use of computers and IT in the work environment? Elaborate and explain your thoughts.

3.    What are your feelings/thoughts about computers and IT usage in your life? Such as social media, electronic processing in banks and school, and so on! Elaborate and explain your thoughts.

4.    Which area do you see yourself and would like to work in? To you envision your future dream job to be heavily involving computers and IT? Elaborate and explain.

5.    Finally, do you think that the way technology is evolving will be the doom of humanity or take us to a golden age of humanity? Think globally.


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