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Marketing Part 2

营销计划代写 The second component of looking at the marketing aspects of your business plan is looking at the social media component and creating a plan on

The second component of looking at the marketing aspects of your business plan is looking at the social media component and creating a plan on how to get noticed during the startup phase. Social media is one tool that you have in your tool box for generating awareness, driving viewers to your website and helping to get more business.  But there needs to be an effective plan in place otherwise it’s a lot of time and money for little visible return.

Some considerations:

1. You must properly cite references using APA.

2.Include Screen shots of every site that you go to for research in particular for the relevant information that you find.  Just providing a link to the resource is not appropriate.

a. Use Snipping tool or screen capture

3.Business plans rely on accurate numbers – using ranges is not appropriate

4.Every business assignment should have a title page

a. Company name, your name, date, course information, etc.

b. If you have developed one, a tag line or sometimes a vision statement can be included on your title page

5.Submit the document in one file

6.Make sure to check the rubric


Create a plan on how you intend to utilize the different social media tools.  

Some areas in which you can explore:

• Which ones will you use?

a. Why?

b. How often?

c. How much will it cost (budget per month)?

d. What hashtags will you use?

e. What general them message?

f. How will you cut through the noise?

g. How will you get engagement?

Total (250-500 words)



There  needs to be a plan, on how you will get your business started.  For many businesses there is a lot of up front investment required to get started and so the first few weeks are crucial to getting cash flow.  Money coming in as fast as possible.  

Creating a marketing plan to help you get noticed, especially to drive business in the early days may be the difference in having a successful business.  This section please create a plan on how you will get noticed.

Something that you can consider:

• What event or tactics are you going to do to get the market’s attention?

a. Open house/grand opening – why would your customer go?

b. Charity event

c. Trade show

d. Door to door

e. Be creative

• When is it going to happen, how much will it cost ?

Total (500-1000 words)


• Explain how you will measure the effectiveness of the promotional tactics/events you have chosen and outline any backup plans for redirecting your promotional efforts. “Sales were up” is not an evaluation or an explanation. Sometimes sales can go up (or down) and have nothing to do with your promotion.

Total (50 Words)


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