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经济学论文作业代写 ISS 4317代写 计量经济论文代写 论文代写

ISS 4317 Econometric Analysis of Development Policies – 2022

Assignment 1

经济学论文作业代写 Your task is to write a paper on one of the three topics listed below. Apart from that this is an unguided exercise. You are expected to apply

Panel Data and Impact Evaluation

Your task is to write a paper on one of the three topics listed below. Apart from that this is an unguided exercise. You are expected to apply the methods and the theory that you have learnt in this and other courses to examine the research question. You also have the option to write a paper on a topic of your own choice as long as you use panel data and/or conduct an impact evaluation. If you choose to do this you should discuss it with me before commencing your work.

There is a 2,500 word limit, excluding tables, graphs and references.

The paper constitutes 40 percent of the grade for this course and should be handed in on or before 29 May via Canvas. Together with your paper, you will also be expected to send your data and do file (as email attachments), that will permit replicability of your results.

If you have any questions on the assignment you can contact me by e-mail to set an appointment.

Topic 1 经济学论文作业代写

The impact of health insurance on health care utilization, health status and borrowing

In 2011, the government of Ethiopia introduced a Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) scheme. The scheme was introduced in 12 pilot districts and enrollment is/was voluntary. You have been provided with an individual-level panel data set that, among others types of information, contains data on various socio-demographic characteristics, health care status, health care utilization and borrowing. You have baseline information (2011) and data from two additional survey rounds collected in 2012 and 2013. You have been asked to analyze the available data and to write a paper on the impact of the health insurance scheme on use of modern health care and on enhancing financial protection. 经济学论文作业代写

You have examined the data and decided that you will focus on the effect of enrollment in the health insurance scheme (CBHI_individual) on use of health care (out_patient_frequency, out_patient_probability), health status (SAH_new2, ill_days) and borrowing (loan, total_loan). There are other possible outcomes but you have decided to focus on these. The data is available in the file, CBHI_Ethiopia_4317.dta.

Additional information on the health insurance scheme is available in the readings listed below.

Suggested reading

Mebratie, A., R. Sparrow, Z. Yilma, G. Alemu, A. Bedi (2015), “Enrolment in Ethiopia’s Community Based Health Insurance Scheme”, World Development 74: 58- 76.

Yilma, Z., A. Mebratie, R. Sparrow, M. Dekker, G. Alemu, A. Bedi (2015), “Impact of Ethiopia’s Community Based Health Insurance on household economic welfare”, World Bank Economic Review 29: S164-S173.

Topic 2 经济学论文作业代写

The impact of an unemployment assistance scheme on transition to employment

In May 2002, Argentina launched the Plan Jefas y Jefes de Hogar Desocupados (Program for Unemployed Heads of Households) as a response to the increase in unemployment and poverty triggered by the crisis of 2001/2002. This programme consists of a monthly monetary transfer for eligible unemployed household heads for an unlimited duration, but with a requirement to provide a labour contribution in the form of a communitarian task.

Empirical evidence suggests that Plan Jefes has indeed been an effective safety net during the crisis, by targeting the least skilled and protecting individuals against poverty.

However, the design of the programme, in particular the availability of benefits for an unlimited duration, may have unintended and unappealing longer-term consequences. 经济学论文作业代写

Households’ reliance on Plan Jefes may reduce job search incentives and damage individual employability.

Your aim is estimate the effect of Plan Jefes on the transition to employment among beneficiaries. The data set called Jefes4317.dta contains information on participants and non-participants of Plan Jefes, and changes in labour market status between May 2002 and May 2003 (remain unemployed, transit to employment, inactive). There are two groups of non-participants – those who applied for Plan Jefes and were denied entry and those who did not apply. Additional information on Plan Jefes and the evaluation strategy can be found in the readings below.

Suggested readings

Galasso, E. and M. Ravallion (2004), “Social protection in a crisis: Argentina’s Plan Jefas y Jefes”, World Bank Economic Review 18(3): 367-399.

Iturriza, A., A.S. Bedi and R. Sparrow (2011), “Unemployment Assistance and Transition to Employment in Argentina”, Economic Development and Cultural Change 59(4): 811-837.

Topic 3 经济学论文作业代写

Aid effectiveness

Your task is to examine the link between aid and GDP growth. You are interested in exploring (i) potential non-linearities in the aid-growth relationship and whether (ii) aid is more effective in countries with “good policies”. You have been provided with a panel data set which includes data on a number of countries and several time periods and contains information on economic growth, aid and variables that reflect a country’s policy stance. The data is contained in an excel file called AidandGrowthRegressions.xls.

You should of course convert your data to STATA format before commencing your econometric analysis.

Suggested readings

Burnside, C. and D. Dollar (2000), “Aid, Policies and Growth”, American Economic Review 90: 847-68.

Hansen H. and F. Tarp (2000), “Aid Effectiveness Disputed”, Journal of International Development 12(3): 375-98.

Hansen H. and F. Tarp (2001), “Aid and Growth Regressions”, Journal of Development Economics 64: 547-570.


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