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Business strategy

商业战略项目代写 Pre-COVID-19, the required semester-long project in Business Strategy was the Company Analysis Report with a “Video Conference an Expert”

Pre-COVID-19, the required semester-long project in Business Strategy was the Company Analysis Report with a “Video Conference an Expert” experiential component.  We addressed how theory applied to practice for one company.  It also included an experiential project by interviewing, in a live video conference in front of the class as an audience, an expert at the executive level from the company.  

This project was suspended during COVID.  While teaching virtually in 2020-21, we instead wrote a critical incident (think about the recent Detox critical incident we just covered) along with a teaching note.  Last year, students had a choice between the company analysis with video conference or the critical incident.  商业战略项目代写 While there was successes and challenges in both projects, students just did not seem to really get engaged with the content.  Over the last twenty years, we also had semester projects such as the business plan for a hypothetical start-up, a business podcast, and a dashboard Excel-based project.  

Some of us really like the Excel analysis work;

Others like the experiential opportunity, and yet others prefer the research.  I would like us to capitalize on our strengths, and at the same time, make progress on areas that need development.  Our semester project will include all three areas.

The topic is going to be open to the group.  I do not have a defined structure or topic!  In general, you will select an area that you want to learn more about (for example, Post-Covid strategies, changes in competitive priorities, new innovation and technological advancement, application of decision-making tools for strategic planning, project management, supply chain or value chain management, strategic planning, development of a mission/visioning project, etc.).


Expectations: 商业战略项目代写

7-10 single-space pages.  Minimum 4,000 words; not including the appendix items

Must include financial analysis with Excel – unless cleared with me, at a minimum a financial analysis in Excel is expected

Must include 10+ academic resources and peer reviewed content (no blogs, etc).  Please use library databases.

Groups of size 3 in Section A and Size 3 (and 1 group of 4) in Section B

Presentations occur during the final exam week

Some ideas that can be included:

Application to current companies via a company analysis

Experiential learning with on-site or video conferences to corporate executives

Interviewing a corporate executive during an in-class panel

Building an Excel model for a company

Developing a video podcast

My hope:

The group finds a topic that stems from common interests and passions.  I am open to creativity, recognizing that Business Strategy is a writing-intensive course and the concepts draw from macro perspectives (rather than functional area strategies).  What would truly make my day? The project is resume line worthy for your professional development.


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