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可用性工程代写 Question 1 3 pts Among others, Don Norman’s Design Principles refer to affordances, signifiers, and constraints as vital factors for a good product

Question 1 3 pts

Among others, Don Norman’s Design Principles refer to affordances, signifiers, and constraints as vital factors for a good product and interface design and subsequent, user experience.

Q1-1. From the below products/user interfaces, choose only one:

Q1-2. For your chosen product/user interface in Q1-1, identify and explain in detail the design implementation and realization of at least one (1):

1. affordance,

2. signifier, and

3. constraint

Question 2  3 pts 可用性工程代写

Think about your group project, including: the user generative research you did with your target audience in Module 4; the initial design concepts you created and improved, based on peer feedback, in Module 5; and the prototype you tested in Module 7.

Q2-1. Based on the generative user research (interviews/observations) you conducted in Module 4, describe and justify the single, most important finding you gathered.

Q2-2. After you received peer feedback via Design Gallery #1 in Module 5, describe the single most important design decision/revision to your initial design concepts.

Q2-3. As a result of your user tests in Module 7 using your interactive prototype, describe the single most important finding in your tests and subsequent design recommendation it caused for your prototype.

Question 3 9 pts 可用性工程代写

For this part of the exam, you are asked to conduct a heuristic review of a website with poor usability, very similar to what you did in Module 6. This ques!on has 4 discrete steps and you should plan for around 40 minutes to answer it fully and thoroughly.


Briefly take a look at the below websites:

Then choose one website for your heuristic review moving forward.


Define and write down two (2) brief, unique scenarios, each with an integrated and unique task, that you are trying to accomplish on the website of your choice.

  • Scenario 1 and Task 1: …
  • Scenario 1 and Task 2: …

Q3-3. 可用性工程代写

Next, go through each of your defined two scenarios/tasks in Q3-2, step-by-step, and note where you run into issues, ideally while comparing the website design against Nielsen’s 10 heuristics. Across all scenarios and tasks, try to find at least four (4) unique usability issues in total. Be sure to name screens, labels, menus or paste a URL to the respective screen you are referring to in your short descrip!on and be concise, but specific. Once you have identified four issues, it makes sense to rate them by their severity as well.

  • Issue 1 / Task 1 / Short Description of the Issue and Screen (URL) / Heuristic Violated / Severity of the Problem
  • Issue 2 / Task 1 / Short Description of the Issue and Screen (URL) / Heuristic Violated / Severity of the Problem
  • Issue 2 / Task 2 …


Based on the identified issues and their severity in Q3-3, provide two (2) concrete and actionable design recommendations to improve the usability of the website you reviewed.

  • Design recommendation 1: …
  • Design recommendation 2: …

Question 4  3 pts 可用性工程代写

Don Norman talks about the user’s mental model, the system image, and the designer’s mental model.

Q4-1. How do these 3 concepts relate to each other?

Q4-2. Can you describe a unique and concrete example of a design/product/user interface, where these 3 concepts match and align well?

Q4-3. Can you describe a second, unique, concrete example of a design/product/user interface, where these 3 concepts mismatch and don’t align well?

Question 5 6 pts

For this part of the exam, you are asked to analyze user feedback of a popular social media app. This question has 3 discrete steps and you should plan for around 30 minutes to answer it fully and thoroughly.

Facebook hired you as a UX Researcher. Congratulations!

On day 1, before your first team mee!ng, you want to get a general feel for the current issues with the main product — the

Facebook App. In order to do so, you decide to head to the Google Play Store and review some of the publicly available user reviews from the last 3 months.

You randomly sample 10 reviews (see below), which consists of the following variables: i) the review number, ii) the rating of the Facebook App on a scale from 1-5, and iii) the qualitative review comments:

Review 1 — App Store Rating 1/5:

I would’ve rated higher previously but lately, Facebook is absolutely horrible! Tons of ads and lots of censorship. It seems to be going downhill fast.

The only reason I still use it is that there currently isn’t a good alternative yet but the second there is, I’m definitely switching to something else! Plus now getting tons of friend requests from random people I don’t know, so creepy!

Review 2 — App Store Rating 2/5 ::

Facebook is my favorite app..I’ve been using Facebook and Messenger for a long !me and never got this problem..whenever I try to login into my own account…it says “an unexpected error occurred, try to login in again”. I’ve been trying for 2,3 months now but still can’t…I’ve tried every solution but in vain… I hope Facebook will work on that.. 🙂

Review 3 — App Store Rating 1/5:

The app is extremely misleading and uses my personal information to overload my feed with ads. No mafter how much I tried to adjust it, it always gives me more ads.

Review 4 — App Store Rating 2/5: 可用性工程代写

The app, in general, is good however as an agent I use the marketplace sec!on very often and have found a great inconvenience that for some reason, it is not allowing me to post items for sale even though I was not blocked from the marketplace and the groups. Now I don’t have anywhere to contact with my query. Can someone please help me?

Review 5 — App Store Rating 5/5:

It’s a great social media app but I want you to upgrade Facebook more. I’ll suggest that we should also receive a notification for those people who view our profile or Facebook so that we can easily detect people who have any interest in us..and also we can avoid or block easily them if we don’t want them..same if we like them we can add them as a friend too.

Review 6 — App Store Rating 1/5:

Facebook is getting worse. It has taken 10 minutes to update and install on Google Play. If this issue persists, I will no longer update this app.

Review 7 — App Store Rating 4/5:

This is a very good social media app but I have certain issues. 1. I have saved many things all these days but now I cannot find most of them. 2. Fb is crashing so many times a day. 3. When I press the back option to go to the home page from the watch page, it refreshes and what I was viewing on the home page was lost.

Review 8 — App Store Rating 4/5: 可用性工程代写

I greatly enjoy the groups that I have chosen to receive feeds from. The trick is to pick out groups that do not include trolls and that have things that interest you and enrich your life. I have to set a timer when I get into Facebook because I can easily spend 2 hours on it!

Review 9 — App Store Rating 1/5:

Whenever I update the app, Facebook Memories refuse to load. I look at my Memories every day. This is frustrating. And NOW dark mode is gone. It sucks.

Review 10 — App Store Rating 3/5:

I dunno but after the recent update, I CAN NO LONGER UPLOAD MULTIPLE PICTURES AT ONCE. WHEN I TRY TO CLICK MULTIPLE PHOTOS AT MY GALLERY, instead of #, the check will move from the 1st pic to the new pic I click. I tried doing it in the browser and it’s fine, I can still post multiple. But in apps, it won’t. The way to work around it is to create an album, where you can upload multiples but i don’t like it that way — it is annoying.

Q5-1. As a UX Researcher, describe your general, analytical strategy, including how to screen, prioritize and break down such a sample of user feedback for potential usability issues.

Q5-2. Based on the provided sample and your analytical strategy in Q5-1, what are some of the concrete and most critical

usability issues with the current Facebook app? Identify and name at least two (2) discrete areas of concern in the product.

Q5-3. Based on the provided sample and the 2 discrete areas of concern you identified in Q5-2, what are your concrete

suggestions and design recommendations to improve the current Facebook app? Create at least two (2) actionable design recommendations, which you could present to the product team in your first meeting.


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