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决策风险代写 BPLN0026代写 项目开发风险代写 essay代写

BPLN0026 Essay Question (v2)

决策风险代写 Assignment · 75% of the final mark · 2,000 word limit The 3rd assignment for this module is an individual essay, which asks you to pick a major

Assignment 决策风险代写

  • 75% of the final mark
  • 2,000 word limit

The 3rd assignment for this module is an individual essay, which asks you to pick a major infrastructure project. (preferably your home country, but also elsewhere if data availability  is difficult). And reflect on the projects development as it relates to the identification and management of risk, uncertainty and complexity. This requires broader reading of the academic literature, drawing on the concepts, theories and ideas you come across in the literature to inform your argument.

In the context of your chosen project, you are asked to critically reflect on one or more of the following: 决策风险代写


The project conception and planning phase & management of strategic risk – how well was this project conceived with regards to strategic risk? Was it designed to effectively address specific problems, and did it achieve its goals? What were the most critical risks and uncertainties? Are there aspects of the project that could have been better planned to have avoided certain risks?


Project delivery/implementation phase & management of risk – if the project delivery has progressed, how useful is the ‘iron triangle’ concept in assessing its success. What challenges did the project face during implementation and how might these have been avoided?  You might consider the role of stakeholders (external and internal), management challenges, unexpected circumstances and emerging issues and objectives.

(3) 决策风险代写

Project operation, outcomes and impacts & management of risk – what has the project achieved? Did it meet its strategic or operational objectives in terms of outputs, outcomes and impacts? Where there any unexpected impacts, either positive or negative. How could these impacts have been managed better?

This essay brief is purposefully broad so that you can both follow your intellectual interests and critically discuss the aspects that are most pertinent to your project.  Decide what you want to focus on and develop your argument and narrative that draws out the most interesting aspects of your project as it regards infrastructure decision making and analysis and management of risk. Make sure you make good use of a range of literature from this module and beyond in writing your essay.   

To help you develop your ideas: You can to send me a 1 page essay plan by the last Friday before reading week if you would like some feedback on this.


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