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作品集点评代写 While I think that the portfolio is well written, there are parts that are a bit redundant. I think the person needs to make it more crisp and


While I think that the portfolio is well written, there are parts that are a bit redundant. I think the person needs to make it more crisp and interesting so that the reader’s attention does not wanes while reading it. You want the reader to be hooked to the words, and read your story, instead of leaving it halfway thinking that it’s a drag. Additionally, the words cab be woven into an intriguing story with which the readers can connect to. The starting is interesting, but the entire introduction and build up is too weak to continue grabbing the attention of the reader. Plus, it is too long, the author needs to make it a bit more interesting by adding elements of surprises.

For example; remaining in touch with Chef B. over the years and seeking his guidance is something that can be summed up easily and I do not think requires so much space of the portfolio. Instead the author should add their aspirations and what they want to do along with the kind of food and culinary experience they want to create for other people. All in all, I think that the piece can be made even better and more interesting if the aforementioned elements are added to it and redundancy removed from the overall story. This will help in creating a balance between what needs to be there along with keeping it crisp and interesting.

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I think this one is very well written. Not only does it keep the mystery alive, it also keeps the reader hooked on to what’ll happen next. The writer has truly made the story seem more interesting and the plot twists at every turn along with the defining moment have been brilliantly explained. I do think that there are a couple of grammatical mistakes here and there, so proofreading is a must for the author of this piece. However, I think that the author had a knack for story writing and they can do even better. This particular piece does not really needs to be changed, additionally, the build up is there, and the writer is able to portray the character’s feelings and emotions perfectly throughout the scenes. I personally think that the piece is a work of art and it has been beautifully written to grasp the nature of story telling, while at the same time grabbing the attention of the reader. Overall, I think the piece will do well, with more additions, and I would like to read more works from the author. 作品集点评代写

With more experience and overtime, the author can not only add stories like these in their portfolio but also expand their collection by including works with different styles of writing. Overall the piece in nicely written and keeps the reader engaged, at least, I did not feel bored at any point in time, instead I felt that the author had done a pretty good job in ensuring that a sense of mystery is there, to keep the readers curious about what will happen next. And once the plot is revealed, there is a humorous end to it which is funny yet interesting at the same time.

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I think this one offers a number of very important lessons to the readers. Not only is the experience the author is recounting a scary one, but also something that many of us have experience in our teenage years. Additionally, it is also interesting to note that the author describes it already as something terrible that happened, building up the curiosity and interest of the reader and at the same time, making them intrigued about what events transpired that day.

This too have some grammatical errors that should be looked into and ironed out. However, the manner in which it has been written is nice and keeps the reader engaged. One thing that the author should do is perhaps add a bit of an element of surprise in the build up, so that the reader does not expect what is about to happen. Instead, it comes as a shock and the reader becomes even more engrossed in the piece wanting to know what happened next. While it has been written in a manner that keeps that reader involved, there are times in which the writing can be made more crisp and interesting to keep the readers glued to the page.  

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I think that the beginning of this piece can be improved. In my opinion it is too abrupt and just begins immediately instead of launching into a story that actually connects with the reader. Additionally, I feel that the explanation is very well written of how the protagonist felt as the world around her tore apart. Also, the use of expressions and of how she truly felt is well described, however, when the divorce actually takes place, and how she came to see her mother happy with somebody else, how the story lead to that point needs to be revisited and described properly. The writers should lead up to that point where the parents are happy even when they are with other people who make them happy.

On the other hand, the protagonist explains how she felt after seeing her parents, and how broken things can be mended. But, the writer again needs to clearly define the events leading up to that specific event and realization. The piece can be made much better and interesting if the suggestions I have provided can be implemented and incorporated in it. I also think that an element of hope and new beginnings should be added in it, in order to make it seem a bit more interesting and to leave it on a positive note.

5. 作品集点评代写

I find this piece to be an exhilarating experience of sailing and maneuvering through the storm. Overall, the piece is captivating in the beauty with which it has been written and the author has not only kept me hooked to every word, but also kept me aloof of what to expect. There is this continuous curiosity to know how much damage is caused by the impending storm. Overall, the piece is a beautiful description of the fear and horror a person feels when faced with unexpectedly dire circumstances, while at the same time, it also gives you a glimpse of the sense of determination that grips a person when faced with incoming despair and actually turn on the chances of success. I think that the piece is very well written and do not really have any criticism for it to improve, for I think it is a great example of what a brilliantly written piece looks like. Also, I think that the writer has kept it crisp and simple, while at the same time, writing it in a manner that captivates the reader and keeps them glued to the screen.

All in all, I personally find this piece to be becoming one of my favorites as it is a very good piece that I have read so far. Not only is the delivery and explanation of the emotions, feelings and thoughts explained in a clear and precise manner, but it also provides a clear depicting of the storm, the raging winds, and the fight for survival, along with revealing their story. Overall, the piece does a good job in keeping the reader interested in the story and how it ends.  

6. 作品集点评代写

I think the theme of the piece is interesting and it can be made better. Right now the piece is written in a manner that may seem boring at times, and I also feel that the explanation of the game, along with the pace and momentum of the players need to be explained more clearly. Also, it should be noted that the piece is not written in an interesting manner, plus there are grammatical mistakes which takes the reader away from the story and instead focuses the interest on the errors.

As mentioned before the theme and the storyline is good, it just needs to be written in a more engaging manner. I would suggest reading and looking at some of the works by other writers, especially the ones who are exemplary in their fields in order to improve the overall tone and pace of the piece. I is based on sports so more passion needs to be there which explains the feelings of the players in detail and how determined they became to win the state championship.

Add to this the fact that even when they won, the feelings of ecstasy and pure joy that the players must have felt have not been explained properly. I think he writer needs to focus on the way in which the audience can be gauged and kept engaged with the content, because right now I feel that it is not up to the mark, and has much room for improvement in order to keep the reader happy and interested in the story.


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